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The Final ReportCharles is a former State Representative and author of The Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building.

The Final Report is the most thorough reference work on the first terrorist attack ever on American soil, the Oklahoma City Bombing. It is a window into the dark recesses of corruption and government criminality and abuse that have become all too common features of everyday life. It is jam packed with important court documents, trial transcripts, affidavits, expert testimony, photographs and illustrations (including 50 full color evidentiary plates), suspect sketches, FBI and ATF documents, and eyewitnesses statements. It covers all phases of the bombing from the Preliminary Hearing in which the Federal Government submitted its’ evidence of other John Doe’s who accompanied Timothy McVeigh to the involvement of Middle Eastern terrorists. It is fully indexed and includes an appendix of over 150 pages.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book or have other questions please contact Charles directly by either phone or email.

Phone: (405) 787-9333

Email: charles@charleskey.com

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    Update: We have 14 new cosponsors for H.R. 24, The Federal Reserve Transparency Act, two of whom are freshman. In total, 103 Members of Congress now agree it’s time to #AuditTheFed. Be sure to thank our newest cosponsors for their support! Freshman @[355799157925407:274:Rep. Brian Babin] (R-TX) Freshman @[710012485784326:274:Congressman Buddy Carter] (R-GA) Rep. @[145110472209094:274:Scott DesJarlais] (R-TN) @[372154186772:274:U.S. Representative John Fleming] (R-LA) @[356330225020:274:Congressman Randy Forbes] (R-VA) Rep. @[6355254859:274:Michael McCaul] (R-TX) Rep. @[130377260362609:274:David McKinley] (R-WV) Rep. @[66367876671:274:Jeff Miller] (R-FL) Rep. @[210401648605:274:Candice Miller] (R-MI) @[128558293848160:274:Congressman Erik Paulsen] (R-MN) @[466876036704525:274:Rep. Jackie Walorski] (R-IN) @[186203844738421:274:Rep. Todd Young] (R-IN) @[143344975723788:274:Representative Rick Crawford] (R-AR) @[154026694650252:274:Congressman Kevin Yoder] (R-KS) SHARE if you agree!

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